Top Hidden Features of MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a software that is mostly used to overclock your graphics card. MSI Afterburner has more uses as you can Overclocking, On-Screen Display (OSD) Monitoring, etc.



By overclocking you can increase the performance of your game actually overclocking is on top of the GPU and it doesn't work on all GPUs it has a lot to do with your motherboard supporting overclocking. Will it or not the power supply of the end-up also uses a lot depending on which power supply you are using if you are using a cheap power supply then you will not be able to overclock because overclocking is more. Power is required


Using the monitoring option you can check the real-time performance of your software, and how much usage it is putting on your GPU, you can check the temperature of your GPU, and  You can also test check fan speed in it, it provides you with real-time data.

On-Screen Display (OSD)

You can also (OSD) using MSI Afterburner, which means if you are playing a game on your system and you want to check how much CPU RAM or graphics card that game is using. You can check all these things using this feature of MSI Burner.

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