Mem Reduct-3.3.5-setup.exe Download Free for Windows - memreduct-3.3.5-setup.exe

 Mem Reduct can be used to monitor and clean system memory on your computer. It can clear system cache (system working set, working set, standby page lists, modified page lists) to save about 10-50% of RAM. You can also run this open-source program in portable mode.


The utility does not require installation on your computer, so immediately after launching the file the program is ready for use. The "Clear Memory" button launches a process that results in an in-depth check and cleanup of OS memory pages. After completion, the utility presents a similar report on the results of the work performed.

In the program's settings users will be able to

  • select the desired memory area to be cleaned;
  • configure auto-cleaning: every n-minutes or at a certain percentage of content;
  • change the design and set up the tray display;
  • change the main settings: interface language, hotkeys, etc.

The main feature of Meme Redux is its portability, which is ensured by the fact that the program doesn't make any entries in the system folders and registry. All data are stored in the folder with the utility.


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